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The RS Audi line encompasses the racing spirit of the Audi brand. The RS7 factory plugs are designed for the performance platforms and fits most 4.0T motors commonly found in the S6, S7 and S8 models. Keep your motors running at maximum performance with a fresh set of plugs.   
With introduction to the MK7, MQB and 8V platforms came the ability to research crossover parts once again. The OEM plugs found in the RS7 can also be installed into your tuned MQB/8V vehicle for a step colder plug. A colder plug will cool off between combustion cycles faster than a plug with a larger pedestal. Since the plug is able to cool off between combustion cycles there is less heat in the combustion chamber which reduces the chances of detonation from an overly-hot combustion chamber. Colder plugs are a perfect compliment to your tuned vehicle. 


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