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The Revo Intercooler Pipe Upgrade kit offers incredible power and torque increases by reducing charge system resistance and improving flow compared to the restrictive stock pipework. Designed for the VW Polo GTI (AW),  featuring larger internal diameters, fewer restrictions for smoother airflow, and optimised routing, the turbo meets less resistance and can perform more effectively.

A multitude of design features and attention to detail that Only Revo offer means this is a product that not only looks great but more importantly performs. Reinforced, oil-resistant silicone hoses, lightweight mandrel-bent aluminium pipework and flush fit joints to eliminate turbulence, the Revo Intercooler Pipe upgrade is designed to fit either the stock or Revo Intercooler.


  • Increased internal diameter
  • Smoother airflow
  • Fits Revo intercooler
  • Included intercooler silicone hoses
  • Water Meth Bung


Each part of the kit has been designed to increase the overall diameter and increase internal volume. Larger charge air volume in the system means reduced flow resistance, allowing the turbo to expend more energy on air compression and less energy overcoming restriction, resulting in more power.


The Revo charge pipe is a smooth mandrel-bent aluminium pipe, coupled with a custom tapered silicone hose to gradually transition to a larger diameter from the turbo outlet to the hard pipe. The charge pipe is designed to directly replace the OEM part utilising optimised pipe routing and a unique constant-diameter design. This eliminates restrictions, including dents found on the stock charge pipe while allowing enough clearance from engine parts, increasing performance without compromising fitment.



The Revo throttle pipe increases airflow by replacing the stock part with an increased diameter, mandrel-bent aluminium hard pipe and reinforced oil resistant silicone hose. The hose connection is ID-matched to promote laminar, uniform flow across the transition of parts, as well as being slightly longer for ease of installation.



Only Revo scrutinises every detail of the existing system to ensure a quality replacement product for your vehicle. Alongside impressive performance benefits, this kit has several OE mounting points for stock wiring and hoses, a water-methanol installation bung and is finished in black with a laser-etched Revo logo.


4 Ply stepped fluoro lined silicone hoses are used throughout the intercooler pipe kit, removing the OE rubber hoses which are prone to collapsing under increased pressure. The comprehensive kit is a complete solution from the turbo outlet to the throttle body including both inlet and out hoses for the intercooler. Stepped internals in each hose minimise any potential turbulent airflow as it transitions from pipes to intercooler and back to throttle body. Increased diameter to match the aluminium hard pipes significantly improves airflow and power.


All Revo products are designed in-house using the latest 3D printing technology, CAD and CFD software. Every product is rigorously tested utilising an in-house Hub dyno and Revo data acquisition software. The benefits of the Revo Intercooler Pipe upgrade allows the turbo to run more efficiently, moving a larger volume of air and minimising turbulence. When combined with the Revo VW Polo GTI (AW) Intercooler gives the ultimate in cooling upgrades for your car.





Manufacturer Model Engine Engine Code Year
VW Polo GTI (AW) 2.0TSI 200PS CZPC 2017 – 2019
VW Polo GTI (AW) 2.0TSI 200PS DKZC 2019 – 2022


  1. Simple replacement of the OEM part
  2. Designed to fit with the stock airbox or Revo intake(s). Third-party intakes may cause fitment issues.
  3. Revo Intercooler Pipe upgrade is designed to fit either the stock or Revo Intercooler


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